About Us

They are more than pets. They are more than companions. In a short time, with little more than large brown eyes and excited yipping, they easily become your family and an essential part of your world. That's how Kira's Pack emerged. In 2011, after adopting a Shiba Inu, we were unprepared for the remarkable impact a bundle of fur could have on our lives. From the level of attention, care, and devotion our puppy commanded, we felt that the term "pet" was insufficient to encapsulate how special animals are and how providing the best care possible is paramount. Recalling the stress of helping Kira with fleas, tummy troubles, dietary constraints, and exercise needs, and finding well reviewed health care provider's, the idea of Kira's Pack was born.

Kira is dedicated to helping families maintain the health and well-being of their four-legged members through using technology to provide pet parents access to their pet's health and information. To achieve this, Kira's Pack provides a three-pronged approached through our service model:

Preventive Pet Care Tracking: we focus on tracking your pet’s vaccinations, prescriptions and check-ups in an automated system to promote and improve your pet’s overall health.

Cloud based Medical Records: provide pet owners with the ability to access and share their pet’s records quickly and digitally.

Nutritional Monitoring: offering a comprehensive approach to pet health, we encourage our pet family to make sure their pets receive proper preventive care through monitoring what our pets eats.

Actionable Healthcare: dog owners can schedule actionable health services based on the individual needs of their dog.

Keeping our loved ones healthy is a pack effort. We invited you to join in.